• sortino's

    Sortino's Italian Kitchen is a new age red sauce restaurant where old school Italian cuisine meets the modern age.

    A casual restaurant and bar that brings a tradition of hospitality established by Giorgio and Giacomo Sortino more than 60 years ago when they opened the original Sortino’s Little Italy restaurant in Sandusky, Ohio to the Poconos.


    Adding a new chapter to a rich culinary history, Sortino’s celebrates the family recipes and generous spirit of its Sicilian immigrant founders. This is the kind of neighborhood Italian joint that could open on your street tomorrow and would feel like it’s been there forever.


    The tone is established by the framed family photos at the entrance, and reaffirmed by the maître ‘d’s warm welcome. The aroma of simmering sauces and fresh-baked breads stimulates the appetite, while the sight of bountiful homemade Italian specialties racing from the kitchen to the table catches the eye.


    Your senses don’t lie; Sortino’s is the real deal – from the predictably perfect martini you enjoy in the bar, to the unexpected offering of a Limoncello shot at your table; from homemade pasta to hand-pulled mozzarella; from brick-oven pizzas that reflect the imagination of the chef to a lasagna made the same way today as it has been for generations.


    Whether you’re dining with friends, gathering with colleagues or simply feeding the kids, Sortino’s satisfies the appetite and soothes your soul with the flavors of Italy and the warmth of family.

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