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    Welcome, my friends to the Shops of Marrakesh.  This is a destination like no other.  Here in this major city of the Kingdom of Morocco the air is rife with the cries of gypsies, snake-charmers, wandering minstrels, magicians,and folk-singers. Here you will find, street artists on every corner, vegetable vendors popping out of alleys, there is nothing that isn’t sold here. Marrakesh is the perfect amalgam of color, energy, and vibrance.  A place that soothes the soul and reinvigorates one’s passion for life.


    The Marrakesh Marketplace truly has a unique rhythm of life. Acclimate your inner clock and enjoy the experience. Savour the smell of spices drifting in the gentle breeze, follow color, Sip mint tea, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, let your eyes guide you, explore the alleys, and duck into the tiniest of shops.